a little something about me

Angela is a designer.

When I was four, my dad opened a butcher shop. He had ordered checks and just picked them up from the bank. He was proudly showing them to me, pointing to the illustration of a butcher in the upper left corner. It was the 70s, and it was cheesy clip art, but at that moment, I knew I wanted to be the person who created those illustrations or designs.

Well, a lot of years later, I am now a graphic designer and I have over twenty years of experience in design with three design degrees (two AAS degrees and a BFA), from Northern Virginia Community College (Go Nighthawks!) and James Madison University (Go Dukes!). I am currently working on my fourth degree, a MFA at a George Mason University (Go Patriots!).

In my early career, I worked for the American Psychological Association and the Society for Human Resource Management and other associations around the DC area for their in-house design departments. Now, as a freelancer, I continue to work for various associations and non-profits both in the DC region and nation-wide.

I have designed practically everything that requires ink to paper and pixel to screen. I love taking a mountain of information and organizing it into documentation that an audience can read and understand. If I can do this in a cool and interesting way then I feel I have done my job.

Angela is a professor.

In 2005, I started teaching graphic design. It was a part-time thing; twice a week; after work; at the Alexandria Campus of NOVA. After just one semester, I was asked to apply for a position of one of my mentors and former professor. I applied for it, and I got it. I now teach both print and web design.

Being a design professor is amazingly awesome. Not only am I teaching the profession I love to the next generation; I am also learning from them. It is fulfilling to see a student develop over the course of a semester but even humbling to see their growth over the length of the entire program.

Angela is a Washingtonian.

I was born and raised in the Metropolitan Washington, DC area. I am currently a tax-paying resident of Old Town Alexandria, who lives with an adorable Yorkie named Gidget.

I love the historical aspect of Old Town and DC. This region is part of America’s origin story! It also steeped in family history. Three generations of family who lived and loved here, and I feel forever tied.